Gallery ROBOTTI 1
Gallery ROBOTTI 1
October 2020
Headquarters 8200 Aarhus N, Denmark

ROBOTTI - An autonomous tool carrier for sustainable agricultural intensification

Robotti performs site-specific agricultural tasks reducing environmental impacts (e.g. less pesticides), erosion and soil compaction as a result of its light weight and low energy usage per area unit. Robotti uses a 3-point hitch that can lift up to 750 kg allowing for Robotti to be able to perform more operations on a farmer’s field compared to 100% of other commercial field-robots on the market today in EU. Robotti has a highly level of accuracy of +/-2,5 cm with its RTK GPS. Robotti diminishes eco-socio-environmental issues associated with agricultural intensification. Robotti can be used worldwide for seeding, weeding, spraying and fertilization in conventional or organic farms with a lower cost per area unit for both investment and operational costs.

Robotti uses RGB cameras that can detect plant rows, increasing the precision, ensuring the crop is not damaged during operations. Robotti relieves the problem of the lack of agricultural workers, a global challenge and is estimated to save approximately 40 minutes of work for each hour a tractor normally drives for the same operation. In addition, it is not required to pay the robot overtime and it can continue to drive with the same precision, even after a long day work.

Key features

  • Robotti uses 9,6% less diesel (weighs less and optimized route) compared to a tractor of equivalent capacity.


  • Lack of soil compaction increases of yields of up to 7% yearly, increasing income up to 30.000 euro/year for a 150 ha farm.
  • Payback from Robotti replacing 1 worker’s wage is 2,69 years.

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