Repair system for reusable plastics

Gallery Repair system for reusable plastics 1
Gallery Repair system for reusable plastics 1
April 2021
Headquarters 31192 Aranguren, Navarre, Spain

Repair system for reusable plastics - A patented, innovative technology to repair reusable plastic goods

This solution provides a sustainable, circular and economic solution to the plastic problemThis method enables the recovery of damaged reusable plastics, such as pallets, boxes, containers, etc, instead of wasting it. The repair service offers a cost reduction of approximately 70% (avoiding the purchase of new items) and a CO2 emission 187 times lower than recycling (which is the next most sustainable alternative). Independent technological centres have certified that this patented repair technology developed guarantees 100% recovery of repaired objects' functionality, and at least 98% of its original strength.

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Key features

  • Recycling and substitution of plastics emits 3,73 CO2 kg while repairing it emits 0,02 CO2 kg
  • 98% reduction of CO2 emission
  • 100% of the material that we can't repair, it is recycled.
  • More than 1.937 tonnes of plastic recovered in just one year


  • 70% cheaper than mainstream alternative
  • 3 years payback of investment from the opening time of a new workshop

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North america


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