QED Naval Limited and Tocardo Turbines

Gallery QED Naval Limited and Tocardo Turbines 1
Gallery QED Naval Limited and Tocardo Turbines 1
June 2020
Headquarters Castle St, Edinburgh EH2 3AH, UK

QED Naval Limited and Tocardo Turbines - 100MW+ energy centre and self-installing tidal energy platform project which significantly enhances site yield and reduces on-site costs

The Subhub Tidal platform overcomes the high cost of installation and maintenance of tidal turbines, providing quick and reliable access to turbines and electrical infrastructure.

Subhub Tidal Platform is a submersible, gravity-based foundation used to support an array of tidal turbines through life. It integrates the whole tidal energy plant at the quayside, where everything is commissioned and tested in a safe, accessible environment. Subhub is then used as a transportation barge to deploy tidal equipment straight to site using commonly available, low cost, harbour tugs etc. In a single offshore operation the Subhub, along with turbines, is installed in a quick and easy ballasting process, using its unique submerged stability characteristics to install itself on the seabed. It then de-ballasts further to adopt its required operating condition. The hydrodynamically designed hull form accelerates flows to tidal turbines, to extract on average 47% more energy from sites. Maintenance and decommissioning is a simple case of deballasting Subhub to bring it back to the surface.

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Key features

  • QED's Subhub tidal platform and turbines do not emit any CO2 during their useful lifetime
  • QED's industrial scale device (8m diameter turbines) is capable of generating 1359MWh per year
  • QED's industrial scale device is capable of offsetting 658 tons of CO2 / year from grid


  • Operations cost savings of 60%
  • Yield savings to sites, turbines and financial performance of 48% on average

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