Gallery Pumpilo® 1
Gallery Pumpilo® 1
January 2021
Headquarters 1814 La Tour-de-Peilz, Switzerland

Pumpilo® - A versatile solar pumping individual solution for myriad reduced flow springs and thin boreholes, able to lift and even desalinate brackish water

Water is an indispensable natural resource, it should be available wherever quality is needed, in an affordable and sustainable way. This is far from being the case, especially in high-altitude regions, difficult to access or with poor infrastructure.

SwissIntech offers an innovative solar water pump solution that meets essential needs that are too often not satisfied. Pumpilo® is a reliable and affordable integrated solar solution, working even in poor sunlight. It preserves water by exploiting low flow sources. Pumpilo® can operate over long distances or important elevation and is able to desalt brackish water and purifies contaminated water into drinking water. umpilo®'s long lifetime, with reduced maintenance, provides a sustainable, profitable, and ecologically healthy solution for individuals, communities and small farm holders.

Key features

  • A complete system, including desalination of brackish water, can produce an average of 320 liters of drinking water daily without emission - Enough for 10 people for a price of 0.0035 €/liter
  • For mountain livestock farming, can lift up to 1500 liters/day, 75 meters higher over 1.5 km away, to water 15 cows - No more water transport with tractor and trailer by the farmer
  • One small irrigation pump can produce 1'750'000 liters of water per year, for less than 0.001 €/lt, allowing to grow 50 tons of tomatoes or 3 tons of green beans
  • 95% reduction of CO2 emission, 98% recycled, over 15 years lifetime
  • Reduced maintenance and wear parts, 0 emission for maintenance - No battery disposal
  • Preserves underground water


  • 1.5 years payback time1500 euro savings/year
  • 5 times cheaper than mainstream alternative
  • 1500 euro savings/year
  • Water price inferior to 0.002euro/liter, down to 0.0002 euro/liter for irrigation after 10 years usage

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