PIE free water

Gallery PIE free water 1
Gallery PIE free water 1
August 2021
By InOpSys
Headquarters 2800 Mechelen, Belgium
In collaboration with Air Liquide

PIE free water - A hybrid technology solution for the treatment of industrial wastewater containing micropollutants

The Solution provides a sustainable, profitable and reliable on-site unit for the treatment and purification of pharmaceutical and chemical wastewaters. It provides an alternative for transport and incineration of hazardous wastewater and removes micropollutants such as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and endocrine disruptors. The Solution provides a technical and economical feasible answer to the emerging problem of water quality and drinking water availability. The solution combines 3 different complementary technology modules and removes and converts active pharmaceutical ingredients via oxygen and ozone, ozonolysis, into biodegradable compounds that can be further treated in biological wastewater treatment. The solution makes it possible to avoid the discharge of pharmaceuticals into surface water and the environment in general.

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Key features

  • 99 % removal of micro-pollutants, API's and endocrine disruptors (can be removed at a cost much lower than incineration)
  • 99 % of the required chemicals are sustainable chemicals such as oxygen
  • Selective removal of the problem causing component requires a minimum of energy, 8 fold less compared to standard technologies
  • Removal of micro-pollutants, API's en EDC's
  • Reduction of CO2 compared to transport and Incineration and reduction of at least 1m3 CO2 per m3 of wastewater.
  • Impact on the environment by removing steroidal and hormonal compounds


  • 10 fold more selective than activated carbon and 20 fold cheaper than mainstream alternative of transport and incineration
  • No CAPEX investment required - "Pay Per Use" business model
  • Reuse of water possible and thus decrease of the water cost

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