Gallery PanePowerSW 1
Gallery PanePowerSW 1
March 2021
Headquarters Pylaia-Chortiatis 555 35, Greece

PanePowerSW - Sustainable greenhouse farming for the growing population

The world population is estimated to reach 9.7 billion by 2050 according to forecasts from the United Nations. This will make the sustainable management of food, energy and water more critical than ever. Greenhouse farming can be a solution for the increasing food demands. However, greenhouse operation requires energy for heating, cooling, ventilation and pumping, which represent 25% to 28% of the total operating costs and has an adverse environmental impact. PanePoweSW is an innovative solar glass technology that utilizes a combination of spectrum shifting nanomaterials with mono-crystalline silicon solar cells. Contrary to other PV solutions, PanePowerSW is an over 80% transparent solar glass that generates clean energy, reduces energy costs, and, more importantly allows the light to pass through it without affecting photosynthesis, making it ideal for greenhouse applications

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Key features

  • 10% better solar cell performance
  • 3% better photosythetic active radiation
  • 47,3MWh of electricity produced per year for every 1000m2 deployed (Europe)
  • 14 tonnes CO2 emissions reduction per year for every 1000m2 deployed (Europe)


  • Average of 4 - 5 years payback time
  • 10 000 euro savings per year for every 1000m2 deployed (Europe)

Categories of Application

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Netherlands, Greece,

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