Gallery PAM! 1
Gallery PAM! 1
October 2020
By gulplug
Headquarters 38000 Grenoble, France

PAM! - A magnetic plug for electric vehicles conductive charging

PAM! is a magnetic plug that accelerates electric vehicles adoption and reduces the financial and social cost of charging infrastructure thanks to an automated plug-in. PAM! has 2 main applications: SELFPLUG and WEPLUG. The first is a hands-free charging solution, the best charging experience an EV maker can offer: EV drivers do not even have to think about charging their EV, and AVs can charge without human intervention! The second is a cost-killing co-charging solution compatible with any existing electric vehicles: it reduces charging infrastructure costs in parking lots by making it easy to share a single charging station over a large number of parking spaces (10 or more).

Key features

  • Can charge with up to 50kW DC and 43kW AC
  • 100% efficient, unlike induction.
  • High tolerance automatic plug-in: from 1cm to 50cm.
  • Increases the lifetime of EV batteries by up to 100%.
  • Cancels the airborne pollutants emitted by 60% of PHEVs.
  • Divides the strain of EV charging on the electric grid by 10 during peak hours.


  • Reduces the cost of charging infrastructure by 30% to 50% in car parks, with instantaneous payback.
  • Divides by 2 the cost of EV batteries by doubling their lifetime.
  • Multiplies the revenues of V2G by 3 by guaranteeing that all parked EVs are connected to the grid.

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