PAG – Plasma Assisted Gasification

Gallery PAG – Plasma Assisted Gasification 1
Gallery PAG – Plasma Assisted Gasification 1
May 2021
Headquarters 6776 Grevenmacher, Luxembourg

PAG – Plasma Assisted Gasification - Turning mixed non-recyclable solid wastes into hydrogen, power, heat or cooling for direct local use

Waste is produced everywhere and even the most ambitious circular economy scenarios, predict several hundred of million tons of non-recyclable waste produced all over the world. Dumping and landfilling that waste is no longer an acceptable option. And large scale incineration is struggling with increasing cost, toxic ash residues, stricter emission regulations and social resistance. In addition to recycling leftovers, wastes like medical waste and other hazardous wastes need destruction with minimal environmental impact and maximum capital and energy efficiency – also for developing markets to afford proper treatment preventing waste from leaking into cities, rivers and our oceans. Plasma Assisted Gasification (PAG) is a clean energy recovery technology that transforms non-recyclable waste into hydrogen power, heat or greenhouse-gas-free thermal cooling for direct local use – without toxic residues or urban stress

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Key features

  • Treats 8,000 - 16,000 tons of medical or hazardous waste per year
  • Zero toxic ash
  • Output of 100kg of clean, local and affordable hydrogen per ton of waste
  • More than 2 tons of CO2e emissions avoided per ton treated (compared to landfill)


  • 4-7 year project payback time compared to 9-11 years for incineration

Activity Region

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India, Israel,

North america

United States,

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