Gallery NUTRIGEO 1
Gallery NUTRIGEO 1
May 2021
By Gaïago
Headquarters 35400 Saint-Malo, France

NUTRIGEO - A prebiotic for soil health, fertility and carbon sequestration

Our solution is a crop input aiming at revitalizing agricultural soils with benefits for the farmers, for the consumers and for the planet. NUTRIGEO® activates the power of fungi to improve soil structure and fertility in less than 6 months. Leveraging on soil microbiology, this technology enables huge agronomic benefits including better water use efficiency, better soil resources use efficiency and humus increase. This product accelerates the soil carbon sequestration to remove massive quantities of CO2 from the atmosphere.

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Key features

  • 25L of product can increase by 10% the fungic biomass of an hectare in 9 weeks
  • 25L of product sprayed over one hectare can help to sequester 4.6 T equivalent CO2 per year over 3 years
  • 25L of product applied one one hectare can increase the nitrogen availability by 15% thus reducing the need for synthetic fertilizers in the same amount
  • Up to 80% of the annual world CO2 emissions sequestered
  • 30% of reduction CO2 emissions per hectare cultivated


  • Less than a year payback: Between +2 and +15% yield
  • 3 times cheaper than the mainstream alternative (switching cost to regenerative agriculture)

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