Mosan - The Circular Sanitation Solution

Gallery Mosan - The Circular Sanitation Solution 1
Gallery Mosan - The Circular Sanitation Solution 1
April 2021
By Mosan
Headquarters RD SOL-6, Santa Catarina Palopó, Guatemala

Mosan - The Circular Sanitation Solution - An inclusive market-based sanitation service for low-income, densely populated settlements

More than 4.2 billion people lack access to safe sanitation (WHO). The consequences are disease spreading, high mortality rates, violence on women, and environmental contamination. Plus, the sanitation and water system is highly inefficient with 80% of the wastewater generated globally flowing back into the ecosystem without being treated or reused (The United Nations World Water Development Report, 2017). Mosan is providing dignifying, healthy and safe sanitation, while protecting and benefiting the environment by avoiding pollution and closing nutrient cycles. The Mosan solution is a decentralized, off-grid, in-home, and waterless service for people in densely populated settlements. The service ensures safe containment, transport and transformation of human excreta. Mosan employs circular economy principles, transforming excreta into valuable resources and reintroducing it into the economy thus shaping a paradigm shift and a creative movement that leads to long-term change. Mosan applies human-and planet-centered-design approaches, working closely with communities, building local capacities and ensuring high adoption rates

Key features

  • Avoids the discharge to the environment of 530 kg of untreated feces per year per household
  • Avoids the discharge to the environment of over 1300 liters of untreated urine per year per household
  • Biochar used as soil amendment reduces irrigation needs by 40%
  • A Mosan Toilet voids the emissions of 0.5 tonnes of CO2 per year per family
  • Uses nearly 20,000 liters less water per year than usual flush toilet


  • For families having Mosan is over 60% cheaper compared to a pit latrine
  • For municipalities, Mosan is between 30% to 80% cheaper than traditional sewers

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