Gallery MetaCard 1
Gallery MetaCard 1
September 2019
Headquarters 38240 Meylan, France

MetaCard - Optimized active balancing circuit for battery efficiency

MetaCard is a Battery Management System (BMS) with a life-extension circuit that extends battery lifespan and saves energy at every charge.

The battery is protected from ageing and the BMS performs continuous battery diagnostics. The strongest cells in the battery support the weakest ones so that the energy is redistributed among the cells during both charge and discharge. As a result, the cell batteries are balanced and their lifespan is prolonged by at least 30%. MetaCard can also manage battery packs which have been reassembled with cells with different ages or second life cells. The solution can be used in various areas such as residential energy storage, electric vehicles, nomadic energy (motor-home, boats) or backup power in uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

Key features

  • Reduces battery waste by 20%.
  • Reduces the energy required to charge a battery by at least 0.5% at every charge.


  • Total cost of ownership is lowered by 17%.
  • Reduces lead-acid needed by 20% for equivalent performance and less charge time.

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