Gallery KLIMA-PUR 1
Gallery KLIMA-PUR 1
April 2021
Headquarters 08907 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain

KLIMA-PUR - Low Carbon Footprint bio-Polyurethane framing material for highly energy-efficient windows and doors

KLIMA-PUR is a new top-class framing material for highly energy-efficient windows & doors. This solution will reduce by 20% the direct CO2 emission associated with the building's energy consumption, responsible for 28% of total CO2 emissions worldwide. KLIMA-PUR circularity, extended lifespan of 35-45 years, repairability and low maintenance, as well as its easiness to recycle and recyclability content, is the result of a simple but resource- and energy-efficient design. Thanks to the utilisation of bio-Polyurethane foam as single material, this solution is highly functional while being highly thermal & acoustic insulating. KLIMA-PUR windows allow to reduce up to 50% the energy consumption and associated occupant’s bill for space heating and cooling of buildings and houses. Available in any color and finishing, KLIMA-PUR windows are a sustainable option for energy renovation activities toward a greener construction industry and a healthier planet.

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Key features

  • KLIMA-PUR frames have a 0.80 W/mK thermal conductivity, being more insulating than wood (x2), PVC (x3) and aluminium (x7)
  • KLIMA-PUR windows have an estimated lifespan of 35-45 years, 15-20 more than wood, 10-15 more than PVC and Aluminium
  • KLIMA-PUR windows have 160-170 kgCO2/kgm2 C-Footprint, only 17% higher than wood, 33% lower than PVC and 66% lower than aluminium
  • KLIMA-PUR frames manufacturing process has a Specific Energy Consumption of 0.13kWh/kg, 10 times lower than PVC and 50 times lower than aluminium


  • KLIMA-PUR windows will save up to 50% energy consumption for space-heating and cooling compared to conventional frames
  • KLIMA-PUR windows costs 20% lower than wood and 25% higher than aluminium or PVC

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