Gallery KEYOU-inside 1
Gallery KEYOU-inside 1
August 2020
Headquarters 85716 Unterschleißheim, Germany

KEYOU-inside - KEYOU has redesigned the fossil fuel based internal combustion engine enabling it to run on pure hydrogen as sustainable and clean zero-emission fuel

This Solution comes to offer the market a sustainable drive technology that is both clean and economical – without compromising performance, range or robustness. Due to existing mature production infrastructures and no need for precious, rare or toxic materials a fast time to market at attractive prices for fleet operators is guaranteed.

The manufacturer independent KEYOU-inside kit transforms conventional engines into emission-free hydrogen combustion engines and enables OEMs to integrate zero-emission vehicles into their portfolio within a short development and implementation time of 24-36 months until mass production. They believe that this solution for transport is the best possible path forward in terms of environmental and climate protection, pace of innovation, as well as social acceptance, due to the fact that it 1. preserves current jobs, production processes and facilities, as well as mechanical maintenance structures; 2. is independent from toxic, harmful, seldom, or critical resources for production; 3. has optimised and established recycling pathways with almost 100 % recovery; 4. allows diesel-typical customer-value, e.g. a. range (80%) b. power (100%) c. refuelling time (8-10 min) d. availability (100%) and lifetime (100%) e. at economic prices.

Key features

  • By our calculations, if only city buses in Germany alone were to operate with KEYOU technology today, we could evade 1,8 million tons of CO2 emission from fossil fuels annually.


  • 40-80 % lower TCO than other zero-emission solutions

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