H2P engine

Gallery H2P engine 1
Gallery H2P engine 1
May 2020
Headquarters 75002 Paris, France

H2P engine - Compact Waste Heat Recovery Engine converting the thermal power from exhaust gases into additional mechanical power at low costs

H2P innovative patented solution provides a solution to reduce the world CO2 emissions while producing energy with a robust yet simple technology.

Many engines produce waste heat which can be reused to produce even more energy. Unfortunately, current solutions to do this are expensive and complex, slowing down the deployment of such technologies. To meet this challenge, the innovative H2P solution is made of conventional and low-cost materials, works without any embedded software and requires little to no maintenance while being a compact technology. H2P aims to recover waste heat through a simple and affordable technology that improves fuel efficiency of vehicles, increases performances of solar panels and reduces CO2 emissions. Highly versatile, the H2P solution can be integrated into heavy-duty vehicles, power generator and solar installations.

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Key features

  • Saves up to 35 tons of CO2 per truck and per year (5-10%)
  • 100% mechanical: no electronics and no chemical fluids


  • Can increase transport operators profitability by 1,5 to 3%

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