Ground Fault Neutralizer

Gallery Ground Fault Neutralizer 1
Gallery Ground Fault Neutralizer 1
September 2020
Headquarters 196 37 Kungsängen, Sweden

Ground Fault Neutralizer - A system minimizing the risk of fires, injuries and damages caused by power lines, enabling continuous safe power supply

Wildfires are a huge and still growing problem over the globe. Each year they take lives, destroys properties for billions and release an enormous amount of CO2 and other GHG into the atmosphere. A lot of the most catastrophic fires were started by power lines. In many places, climate change is creating conditions which electrical infrastructure is not ready to cope with.

The Ground Fault Neutralizer [GFN] is a protection system with unmatched performance for power lines. It minimizes the risk of fires, injuries and damages caused by power lines enabling to maintain safe power supply without any power outages, something all smart grids will demand. The GFN can neutralize power lines' single phase to ground faults (75 - 99% of all the faults in power networks) ultra-fast before they ignite a fire, where traditional protection is too slow and cannot prevent ignition. The GFN is proven technology, already protecting communities in Victoria, Australia.

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Key features

  • 100% of the quantity of CO2 potentially emitted in the atmosphere by wildfires
  • Same quantity of non-renewable resources used or used without recycling
  • Same quantity of water used (production, utilization)


  • From one accident to roughly 10 years, depending on application type
  • Protected assets and saved lives

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