Free Piston Resonance Stirling Engine

Gallery Free Piston Resonance Stirling Engine 1
Gallery Free Piston Resonance Stirling Engine 1
September 2019
Headquarters 3174 Thörishaus, Switzerland

Free Piston Resonance Stirling Engine - A reliable, efficient and compact CHP [Combined heat and power] home heating system producing electricity.

Free Piston Resonance Stirling Engine helps reuse lost heat to produce electricity.

It is a new type of innovative heating, based on the free piston resonance Stirling principle, which primarily generates 25% electrical energy from the supplied energy. This mechanism uses waste heat from the process of burning the fossil resources, some energy is released at temperatures of some 1200 to 1400°C, serving to heat radiators up to merely 40 or 50°C. This downgrading of the heat is an irreversible, highly inefficient process. In Combined Heat and Power units (CHP), the combustion heat is released at high temperatures for powering an engine producing electricity. In addition, the engine cooling heat remains available for heating purposes and is thus recovered from the Free Piston Resonance Stirling Engine.

Key features

  • 50% energy savings as compared to conventional fossil fuel fired equipment
  • 50% savings of CO2 when operated with natural gas
  • Up to 50% renewable or biogas may be blended into the natural gas, reducing fossil fuel consumption accordingly


  • A net gain (as compared to conventional applications) amounting to 2'500 Dollars annually

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