Gallery Ersa 1
Gallery Ersa 1
August 2020
Headquarters 1098 XH Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ersa - A CO2 and humidity filter which enables the full recirculation of air in closed spaces thereby drastically decreasing the energy load on HVAC systems

Ersa removes CO2 and humidity build-up caused by the breathing of the car passengers to allow for full recirculation of interior air while maintaining its quality. In so doing, Ersa drastically decreases the load on HVAC systems and allows for range increases of 20% compared to an already optimized air-conditioning mode.

Ersa, creates an indoor air bubble, facilitating healthier cabin air and longer external air filter lifetimes by reducing outdoor air pollution introduced into the car cabin by up to 80%. Multi-pass HVAC filtration is enabled, resulting in x10 higher air filtration efficiency and removing dangerous gases such as NOx & SOx. The enhanced air recirculation significantly reduces the car’s Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning power demands and increases electric vehicle range by up to 20% in cold weather.

Key features

  • Ersa will be applied to electric vehicles and will have a total addressable market of €6.3 Billion in 2025.
  • Ersa will save 1.34 tons of CO2 emissions per EV over its lifetime or 707 million tons when integrated into every EV by 2040.
  • It will reduce the energy consumption by 10-20% over its lifetime, saving additional battery pack volume (which includes lithium and rare-Earth minerals).


  • Ersa is ten-fold less costly than buying a bigger battery effectively saving a car manufacturer €1800 per car.
  • Ersa will pay for itself through decreased charging needs of drivers.

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