Gallery Edelsun 1
Gallery Edelsun 1
September 2020
By Edelsun
Headquarters 1260 Nyon, Switzerland

Edelsun - Double-combustion wood pellet outdoor heaters

With Edelsun outdoor heating, bars, hotels and restaurants can offer warmth, comfort and style to their customers for only 2€ per hour, while taking a step towards a CO2 neutral world.

Showcasing bars and restaurants, terraces are the first contact with customers, pushing them to sit down or leave. It is also an additional sales space that must be optimized by offering comfort to customers. For these two reasons, the development and installation of heating systems for terraces have exploded in recent years. However, today's heating systems are veritable energy chasms and emit a significant amount of CO2. To meet this challenge, Edelsun offers an alternative by using wood pellets as fuel to provide a local, renewable and CO2 neutral heating system. Thanks to its design allowing the customer to admire the beautiful flames, Edelsun's product can quickly become a competitive advantage, attracting customers while keeping them warm at a lower environmental cost. Its specific double combustion technology generates 5 hours of heat with only 10 kg of pellets while producing only 40 grams of ash.

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Key features

  • Reduces CO2 emissions by 75% compared to conventional solutions
  • Almost complete combustion : only 6 mg/m3 including ignition time et 40 g of ash from the 10 kg of wood pellets used


  • Increases the use of the terrace by almost 50%
  • Only 2 € per hour of operation counting compared to 3 € for gas systems
  • 775 hours of operation per year - 2 years depreciation

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