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Gallery CAPSolar Module 1
Gallery CAPSolar Module 1
December 2020
Headquarters Montreal, QC, Canada

CAPSolar Module - A solar module optimized for low-speed electric vehicles, extending their range and battery life

CAPSolar designs and builds a solar-powered module optimized for road vehicle use, starting with low-speed electric vehicles - LSEVs.

These small vehicles pose a lot of problems for the environment and to the companies that possess them. Most of them are charged with electricity that has been harvested using non-renewable sources, such as coal and natural gases in the U.S. On top of that, their batteries require regular maintenance due to their short lifetime. This costs a lot of money to the companies and costs a lot to the environment in terms of CO2 emissions. To remedy these problems CAPSolar uses the energy from the sun, which is 100% free and clean, to power the batteries of these vehicles. By doing so we are able to increase the range of these vehicles by about 25% and the life of its batteries by 1 to 3 years. These advantages allow the companies to use their vehicles for longer and spend less money on maintenance, but most importantly, greatly reduce their CO2 footprint.

Key features

  • The 560W solar module can increase the range of the vehicle by about 25%, which reduces the amount of charging stops
  • Increases the battery life from 1 to 3 years to reduce the amount of batteries that need to be produced, recycled and/or thrown away
  • The solar module allows us to save over 290kg of CO2 emissions per vehicle per year
  • Can save up to 7,200 kg of CO2e during the lifetime of the product
  • The module is predicted to be 96% recyclable and, interestingly enough, 80% of the solar components (solar cells) can be reused


  • The customer can save 9,000$ on battery maintenance and charging costs during the lifetime of the vehicle
  • Offers a 250% higher cost efficiency compared to the closest competitor, which means that more performance is offered at a lower price
  • Payback time is 2 years and 8 months in North America, which is far less than the average payback time of 8 years for residential solar installations in the U.S

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