BioPool Filtration

Gallery BioPool Filtration 1
Gallery BioPool Filtration 1
May 2020
Headquarters 13290 Aix-en-Provence, France

BioPool Filtration - Converts each pool to low consumption & ecological pool with no more use of chemical, using AI to get pool Sustainable & Autonomous.

BioPool Filtration is a smart pool solution offering massive reductions in GHG emissions

Before, swimming pools were polluting and consuming a lot, complicate to use and expensive. This solutions converts each pool to low consumption & ecological pool with no more use of chemical, using artificial intelligence & IOT. It reduces electricity consumption and GHG emissions of swimming pools by 90%. This filtration system reduces water consumption by 50%, allowing the elimination of use of chemistry in the pool with no more GHG emissions to produce this chemistry. It turns pool more simple, with no more Stress. It reconciles dream and reality: no stress; no chemical required for sterilisation; no PH control; low electricity and water usage; massive reduction of cost of use; all this thanks to its AI autonomously controlling system.

Key features

  • Quantity of CO2 emitted in the atmosphere is reduced by 90% over a period of 20 years (approx. -77.039 kg CO²)
  • An energy consumption diminished by 90%


  • Payback time is reached in 4 years
  • Cost of use a reduced by 75%

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