Gallery ZincFive 1
Gallery ZincFive 1
October 2020

ZincFive - Manufactures and deploys high-capacity, rechargeable, and recyclable nickel-zinc batteries

ZincFive manufactures and deploys high-capacity, rechargeable, and recyclable nickel-zinc batteries that provide high energy density and performance, with significant safety and environmental advantages. ZincFive batteries can be used in data centers, intelligent (communicating) transportation, and stationary, motive (off-road applications to produce motion) and start-stop applications. Recyclability is one of the main environmental advantages of ZincFive's nickel-zinc battery - the raw materials can be recycled without losing their physical and chemical properties.

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Key features

  • 3x the power density and half the weight of lead-acid
  • Wide operating temperature range (-40° - 167°F)
  • Manufacturable with readily available nickel-metal- hydride equipment
  • Each 1MM $US invested in manufacturing capacity results in 151,145 tonnes of GHG reduction
  • The ZincFive battery requires 96% less water for material extraction and production than the average Lithium-Ion battery
  • More than 90% of the ZincFive battery is recyclable with no hazardous materials


  • The levelized cost of ZincFive is estimated to be twice the cost of Lithium-Ion batteries and half the cost of Lead-Acid batteries
  • Low CAPEX with high revenue rate
  • No cost for fire suppression required with ZincFive's NiZn batteries

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