Wild Urban Spaces

October 2020
Headquarters High St, Great Cheverell, Devizes SN10 5TH, UK

Wild Urban Spaces - Environmentally, ecologically and socially impactful rapid growth urban forest creation

By delivering new areas of forest, this solution thrives to increase CO2 sequestration, mitigate global warming, provide a home for biodiversity-rich ecosystems and create green social spaces for local communities.

Urban forest creation that addresses environmental, ecological and social issues through the installation of rapid growth, biodiversity important and maintenance-free micro forests. Using the pioneering Miyawaki afforestation method to address the critical needs of our environment, this solution provides a clear and effective ESG solution for businesses that has long term financial return thanks to authentic and local carbon credit and biodiversity credit schemes.

Key features

  • Biodiversity levels 100 times plus that of mono plantations and grasslands
  • Carbon sequestering of potentially 40 times that of a comparable mono plantation


  • Self sustaining, maintenance free after only 2 years compared to the alternative which will have indefinite ongoing maintenance costs
  • Potentially 3 times quicker to payback compared to the mainstream alternative: 5 years VS 15 years

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United Kingdom,

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