Variable Volume Reservoir (VVR)

Gallery Variable Volume Reservoir (VVR) 1
Gallery Variable Volume Reservoir (VVR) 1
June 2021
Headquarters Bois-des-Filion, QC J6Z 4T2, Canada

Variable Volume Reservoir (VVR) - An innovative hydraulic reservoir that replaces bulky & heavy traditional reservoirs

Common hydraulic oil reservoirs (CHR) found on industrial machines are often large and heavy. CHR volumes are typically between 100-500 litres of oil. The innovative Variable Volume Reservoir (VVR) solution has a capacity of just 7-21 litres, whilst providing the same or better results. The VVR weights up to 100 times less and reduces oil use by up to 50 times when compared to mainstream reservoirs. Furthermore, its much-reduced weight brings benefits for fuel economy when installed on mobile machines. Should a leak occur, the VVR will have minimal impact on the environment, resulting in lower decontamination costs and prohibitive fines. Being airless and sealed, the VVR works in any environment (from under-sea to high altitude) and in any orientation. Its versatility makes a perfect fit for numerous applications exposed to difficult conditions where CHRs is no match. Lastly, its small volume makes it more appealing to fill with bio-fluids, which can be very expensive when used in CHRs.

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Key features

  • Up to 50 times smaller than traditional reservoirs with the same performance, leading to large reduction in oil use
  • Sealed and airless, preventing contamination and moisture entering the fluid, consequently prolonging fluid life by 3 to 5 times
  • Up to 100 times lighter than traditional reservoirs, resulting in fuel savings on mobile machines and less pollution


  • Reduced fluid use with the same performance delivers significant cost savings
  • Payback in less than three years

Activity Region

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Italy, France, Germany,

North america

Canada, Mexico, United States,

South america



Australia, New Zealand,

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