UHCS Recycled PET house

Gallery UHCS Recycled PET house 1
Gallery UHCS Recycled PET house 1
March 2020
Headquarters 1950 Sion, Switzerland

UHCS Recycled PET house - A modular construction system that up-cycles PET plastic waste into a high-performance, low-cost and flexible building structure.

PET waste as an opportunity and a resource to be upcycled into a new building material to face the growing international housing crisis.

The five standardised construction profiles made of recycled PET, when produced and assembled into beams, pillars and girders, create a cubic cell with flexible lengths, heights and widths, that fits mandatory civil engineering standards (Swiss standards SIA) for up to two floors and can be used as a structure to build different types of residential housing (single- or multi-family complexes). The profiles have geometries and assembly protocol that maximise structural performance (load carrying capacity) and manufacturability, thus overcoming the challenge of building a structurally high-performing house in up-cycled PET waste. The profiles geometries are optimised in ways that (1) prevent collapse during extrusion, (2) allow for homogenous material accumulation and safe crystalline solidification during the heat transfer phase, and (3) accelerate producibility and assembly, which enables to build the structure fast and with a high level of control.

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Key features

  • Saves 81% of CO2 emissions and spares 7.7 tons of aggregates compared to a concrete structure
  • In emerging countries this would save 230 m3 of landfill space or 355'000 PET bottles.


  • 12% cheaper than modular house in concrete for a floor area of 40m2

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