The EcoStock

Gallery The EcoStock 1
Gallery The EcoStock 1
August 2018
Headquarters 66000 Perpignan, France

The EcoStock - An eco-designed mobile heat storage solution for recovering industrial co2 emissions

To reduce the use of fossil energies, thermal storage solutions are used directly at the customers' manufacturing plants.

A major amount of the energy consumed in the industry is wasted as lost heat, which represents millions of tons of CO2 uselessly produced. Eco-Tech Ceram’s solution is to recover the heat contained in industrial fumes and store it in refractory ceramics made from industrial co-products. This accumulated heat can either be used as a heating source – hot air at constant temperature level is provided (up to 1000°C) – or be converted into electricity.

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Key features

  • One Ecostock unit can prevent up to 8000t of CO2 on its lifetime
  • For each unit, 1 MWh of CO2 free high temperature heat can be delivered
  • Storage materials are made from mineral industrial co-products


  • Modular and mobile solution that allows low capital expenditure
  • Produces heat at a price up to 80% lower than heat obtained with natural gas

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