Straight From the Farm

Gallery Straight From the Farm  1
Gallery Straight From the Farm  1
March 2021
Headquarters 2100 København Ø, Denmark

Straight From the Farm - An innovative platform delivering fresh food from the farm to the table

The Solution intends to be the lighthouse of the food industry by disrupting the conventional food supply chain, help small farmers thrive, help consumers eat delicious, healthy and affordable food, and lead the green transition. There are a number of benefits driven through Fresh.Land’s approach: Farmers earn a larger cut on their products. Customers get healthier, pesticide free, fresh food at a competitive price. Products total CO2e emissions are lowered significantly for some by more than 46% and food waste is diminished (Climaidar, 2021). Fresh.Land’s platform shortens the food supply chain by cutting 3-5 middlemen - farmers’ trees and fields become natural “warehouses” as they harvest fresh for every shipment. Food is purchased and consumed within days instead of months, protecting food integrity, minimising waste and cutting CO2 emissions. With fewer middlemen, farmers capture more value and consumers get fresh, sustainable and chemical-free products, at competitive prices

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Key features

  • For a product like the avocado, saves over 46% of CO2e emissions, compared to the mainstream alternative
  • Looking solely at avocados sold in Denmark, saved 161.000 kg of CO2e in 2020
  • Potential to save over 780.000 kg. of CO2e in 2021, in sold avocados alone
  • Food waste through Fresh.Land supply chain is less than 1%
  • Fresh.Land lowers CO2 emissions from cold storage by 88%


  • With no middlemen, farmers receive 20-50% better prices and have better payment terms
  • Competitiveness: Comparing 13 different products with three providers in Denmark, Fresh.Land is the 2nd cheapest option

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Sweden, Denmark,

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