Reusable paper system

Gallery Reusable paper system 1
Gallery Reusable paper system 1
November 2020
By Reep
Headquarters HaTnufa St 7, Petah Tikva, Israel

Reusable paper system - Giving new life to copier paper through laser technology

A reusable paper system, based on advanced materials and laser deinking, allowing 10x reuse for copier paper and reducing carbon emissions by 90%.

Paper is a vital everyday product, but requires significant natural and chemical resource to manufacture and produce. Approximately 95% of copier paper is used only once, then downcycled for the production of tissue paper, cardboard and other materials. As a result, virtually all copier paper is produced from virgin tree fibre. REEP aims to extend the lifespan of paper through its innovation Solution: a reusability model for paper. REEP’s Solution is based on laser deinking to completely remove the ink from the page, combined with advanced materials that enable paper re-use. Implemented initially for copier paper, the system allows users to print on the same sheet of paper, again and again, up to 10 times. REEP’s reusability system is the world’s first technology to enable the circular economy model for paper. In comparison to the mainstream option, REEP's reuse model massively reduces the environmental footprint of office paper usage, decreasing carbon emissions, resource consumption and waste generation by over 90%.

Key features

  • Reduces emissions from copier paper usage by over 90%
  • Reduces resource consumption from copier paper by over 90%, including the consumption of wood, water and energy resources
  • Copier paper lifespan increased 10x


  • Annual cost savings can be between 20-30 % in comparison to recycled copier paper models
  • Immediate payback from year one

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