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Renewable gas for industrial burners

Producing renewable gas on-site using low-cost local biomass for industrial burners and process heat.

To lower use of fossil fuels, cost-efficient, pre-fabricated, gasification modules are used that can create renewable gas from local biomass residues, directly at the customers' manufacturing plants.

One of the major unsolved obstacles in making industrial processes fossil free is creating high quality process heat. Until now, fossil fuels have been the only cost-efficient and reliable option to produce process heat that can secure the required product quality. MEVA’s solution uses locally-produced biomass residues can be used to create a renewable gas replacement, including fine fraction biomass such as sawdust, rise husks and wood fiber, which many industries currently struggle to dispose of. The decentralized, renewable solution creates a local circular system, cutting down costs and negative impacts.

Key features for a positive impact on quality of life

  • Uses low cost, fine fraction biomass
  • Enables fossil free production by removing process heat emissions
  • Modular, pre-fabricated gasification units allows for low capital expenditure
  • Constant gas quality from entrained flow gasification


  • A tissue producer can save 19% of the gas bill for process heat. Above that comes the market value of being able to offer fossil free tissue production.

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Solutions helps to achieve these SDG's.

  • Affordable and clean energy

  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure

  • Responsible consumption and production

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