Redhill Thin-Film Plasma Reactor

Gallery Redhill Thin-Film Plasma Reactor 1
Gallery Redhill Thin-Film Plasma Reactor 1
July 2021
Headquarters Aloma, FL 32792, USA

Redhill Thin-Film Plasma Reactor - A non-thermal plasma nitrogen fixation system for direct application to growers

Redhill Scientific enables growers to make as much fertilizer as needed, transforming an unavoidable, wildly variable, recurring expense into a one-time capitalized expense. The patented technology uses zero fossil fuels, has zero carbon releases, and can be powered by on-site renewable electricity sources such as wind and solar energy. Redhill's green technology replicates a naturally occurring process in lightning by combining air, water, and electricity to create enough fertilizer for any sized farm. Redhill's agricultural product line can create unlimited amounts of all-natural aqueous nitrogen fertilizer on-site and on-demand, potentially eliminating a grower’s unavoidable recurring cost while reducing fears of runoff and pollution. Additionally, this Solutions can treat contaminated liquids more thoroughly and faster than other existing methods- potentially saving years on project lifetimes and lowering the time-cost of money for remediation engineering firms.

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Key features

  • No fossil fuels used and no carbon is released as raw materials inputs to manufacture the fertilizer
  • 100% of a growers nitrogen fertilizer needs can be met on site and on demand by using plasma reactor device right-sized for their farm or greenhouse
  • 99% of organic contaminants can be eliminated from contaminated water using Redhill remediation devices


  • 100% of a grower's annual nitrogen fertilizer expense can potentially be transformed into a one-time capitalized tax-deductible purchase with Redhill's fertilizer production devices
  • 5 year remediation project times can be potentially cut in half with a Redhill remediation device with a similar ROI and lower operating cost

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