Recyc Leather Innovative Material

Gallery Recyc Leather Innovative Material  1
Gallery Recyc Leather Innovative Material  1
July 2021
Headquarters Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Recyc Leather Innovative Material - Turning leather off-cuts destined to landfills into new high-quality material

Leather processing involves highly polluting processes (tanning is very water and chemical-intensive) while producing a significant amount of waste scraps (about 1 million tonnes going to landfill each year). Recyc Leather is an innovative material produced through an intelligent recycling process of leather scraps from different products, such as garden gloves. Recyc Leather aims to use leather waste to give it a second life and avoid landfill. With a growing demand for ethical, eco-friendly and recycled products, Recyc Leather manufactures both recycled leather and finished products, offering an environmentally friendly alternative to virgin leather. Recyc Leather's products are lighter and have exceptional strength while retaining their original look and feel.

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Key features

  • 1 m2 recycled leather saves 600 gr leather waste destinated to landfill
  • 1m2 recycled leather saves 200 L water compared conventional tannery
  • Gives leather waste a second life
  • 50 tons leather waste saved - potential for (x) 1000 tons to be saved from landfill
  • Reduces water consumption by 50% compared to genuine leather- no chrome tanning


  • At least 30% cheaper than virgin leather (price / m2)

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