Railway Systems Energy Smart Metering

Gallery Railway Systems Energy Smart Metering 1
Gallery Railway Systems Energy Smart Metering 1
February 2020
Headquarters 93400 Saint-Ouen, France

Railway Systems Energy Smart Metering - A non-intrusive smart solution for Railway Systems energy efficiency measurements.

It measures the global energy footprint of a railway system both on trains and on the electrical infrastructure, on a synchronized time basis.

The proposed solution answers to a system approach, while minimizing its physical footprint (non-intrusive) and its data transmission and processing needs. The innovative approach of Railway Systems Energy Smart Metering is driven by the observation that it is not necessary to measure on all railway vehicles all the electrical parameters. Starting from a relatively small data set generated by a limited instrumentation, a correlation process extrapolates it to the whole electrical railway system. The need of “actual” detailed electrical quantities measurements is largely reduced. The railway system energy efficiency KPI's are evaluated by introducing the generated data into a physical simulator which allows the correlation process coherence check and performs a set of "what if" simulation scenarios for KPI's improvement evaluation.

Key features

  • Estimated up to 20 % energy savings on a railway system


  • It is estimated that the gains could be up to 20 % of the yearly energy bill
  • A payback time is expected to occur within 3 years

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