Productive & Ecological Urban Farm

Gallery Productive & Ecological Urban Farm 1
Gallery Productive & Ecological Urban Farm 1
July 2020
Headquarters 75013 Paris, France

Productive & Ecological Urban Farm - A solution to produce fresh and local foods without pollution associated

This solution's goal is to design, install and operate productive and ecological urban farms while reconnecting city dwellers with the true taste of fruits and vegetables.

Urban farming has several benefits for cities, people and earth including the protection of water resources. "Cueillette Urbaine" combines aeroponics, aquaponics with innovative organic fertilisation methods, including organic fertilizer, biostimulant, microorganisms and biofilter. "Cueillette Urbaine" Urban Farming aims to maximize land use and bring back agriculture into the city to show the true value of food to city dwellers. Rooftop gardens use unoccupied space and produce tons of fresh and healthy products while reducing cities pollution. Highly versatile, the applications of "Cueillette Urbaine" solution range from restaurants, supermarkets, schools to any city buildings.

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Key features

  • Urban agriculture helps consumers reduce their “foodprint” by providing them the opportunity to purchase food that was grown within their community.
  • By localizing produce, urban farms cut down on the significant amount of fossil fuel consumption necessary to transport, package, and sell food.
  • Thanks to specific and innovative technics, this solution saves up to 90% water
  • No pesticides or mineral fertilizer
  • By 2021, this solution projects to produce up to 550T of vegetables and aromatics herbs, recycle up to 156T of bio waste, save up to 522m3 of water and 254T of CO2


  • The depreciation for an urban farm is 5 years.

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