Gallery OPtalys® 1
Gallery OPtalys® 1
August 2020
By Solvay
Headquarters 1000 Brussels, Belgium

OPtalys® - An inorganic oxygen buffer component for the advanced gasoline catalytic converters

Dedicated to the Automotive Industry, OPtalys® materials are tailored to meet the exact requirements of individual customers. It is a high stability inorganic Oxygen-buffer material that enhances the catalytic activity and the durability of the advanced gasoline catalytic converters

OPtalys® is a key component of the advanced gasoline catalytic converters (TWC, GPF, FWC) developed to meet the more stringent exhaust emissions regulations (EURO-6-type for Europe, China, India, Korea, Japan, the USA Federal and State of California) for the vehicles fitted with new Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) technologies. Those new technology will be used alone and in combination with electrification (Mild Hybrid, Full Hybrid, Plug-In Hybrid, and Range Extender Electric Vehicle) for CO2 emissions reduction (GHG). In addition, the Gasoline Direct Injection technologies allows the use of current biofuels (Ethanol) and future e-fuels according the Automotive Low Carbon Pathway.

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Key features

  • Support the automotive industry to meet the more stringent vehicles emissions regulations: above 90% of exhaust pollutants reduction
  • Support the automotive industry to reach the EU 2030 CAFE standard, using efficient gasoline direct injection technologies in association with electrification: above 50% CO2 reduction


  • Reduction of the Platinum Group Metals ( Pt, Pd, Rh) usage by 20-30% in 2020 OEMs' EU-CAFE target without the 95€/gCO2/km exceeding fines

Company Profile

Maturity Stage

  • Medium and large scale commercialization
  • Small scale commercialization
  • Initial market commercialization
  • Prototype testing in the real world
  • Prototype testing 1:1 in the lab

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