Gallery ODYLIFE 1
Gallery ODYLIFE 1
December 2020
Headquarters 72510 Requeil, France

ODYLIFE - A scale inhibitor made from plants, replacing petroleum-based substances in industrial water treatment

The teams at ODYSSEE have developed ODYLIFE, first bio-based anti-scaling actives, preserving environmental resources. There are many possible applications, such as cooling towers, steam boilers, closed loops, reverse osmosis and saltwater desalinization, but also the geothermal, detergents, domestic supply water. With ODYLIFE, ODYSSEE is able to produce a natural ingredient endowed with strong properties and extracted using green techniques. ODYLIFE can be implemented at a competitive price, without the need for any investment or technical conversion, as the transition has intentionally been designed to be that simple. More than that, switching to ODYLIFE means taking concrete action to promote a corporate social responsibility policy that is in line with a number of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Besides the ecological benefits, this solution ensures complementarity between local industries and regional ecology, with plants and farmers replacing chemical factories.

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Key features

  • 300% more biodegradable: ODYLIFE analyses yield outstanding results compared to polyacrylates, one of the primary alternatives in use today.
  • 0% harmful substances: aquatic organisms can tolerate higher doses (at least 10 times more), with no adverse effects. As a result, ODYLIFE is not considered to be a dangerous substance under Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008.
  • €0 investment required to implement ODYLIFE. ODYLIFE has been designed to be a “plug and play” solution, to replace current solutions.
  • 98% fewer CO2 emissions: as shown in the LCA, the emission of CO2 equivalent associated with climate change is very low. ODYLIFE represents a 98% reduction, compared to traditional phosphate-based treatments.
  • 50% fewer non-renewable resources are needed to produce ODYLIFE than phosphate. Consumption today is primarily linked to fuel for agricultural machinery, transportation and manufacturing processes. As ODYLIFE production grows, it is clear that economies o
  • 75% less water consumption: our extraction process is nearly solvent-free, mainly using the water contained in the raw materials, which explains the resulting water consumption levels that are three times lower than for polyacrylates.


  • The break-even point is instantaneous. When sold at the market price, ODYLIFE offers positive externalities that make ODYLIFE even economical.
  • €0 investment required, as ODYLIFE’s formulas demand no special equipment.

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