NUMA Water

Gallery NUMA Water 1
Gallery NUMA Water 1
March 2021
By Water4
Headquarters Oklahoma City, OK 73107, USA

NUMA Water - A piped water network serving rural and peri-urban communities in Africa, distributing treated water at varying quantities and scales

Nearly 2.2 billion people lack access to safely managed water supplies. While developing agencies and NGOs globally have tackled this crisis through a charity approach, offering free wells and hand pumps, as well as limited training to community members on maintenance, this approach has prevented up to 40% of rural water systems to be functioning at any given time. To meet the needs of the local populations, Water4 enterprises use a market-based approach to provide a continuous safe water supply to customers through the NUMA piped water network. This modular, piped water network distributes treated water at varying quantities and scales depending on community needs. The NUMA Nexus is the core treatment and delivery system for the network. The Nexus uses micro-filtration, UV disinfection, and chlorination to treat groundwater. Solar power allows these systems to be placed anywhere in the world. After treatment, water can be pumped to branched kiosks (Nodes) or institutional and household piped connections (Nows).

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Key features

  • A single NUMA piped system can serve up to 1,400 people with treated water, free from contamination
  • Through a combination of chlorine and UV disinfection, the NUMA treatment system can prevent up to 99.99% of waterborne diseases, such as Giardia, Salmonella, and Hepatitis A
  • A NUMA Nexus using solar power is estimated to produce less than 2% of carbon emissions per year compared to using a generator
  • A NUMA Nano is estimated to produce 1,063 lbs less CO2 per year by using solar power instead of a generator


  • NUMA water is 36 times cheaper than local alternatives of similar quality
  • The NUMA Node has an estimated Internal Rate of Return of 16.25% over 20 years

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