Noblegen Protein

Gallery Noblegen Protein 1
Gallery Noblegen Protein 1
December 2020
Headquarters Peterborough, ON K9H, Canada

Noblegen Protein - Unlocking complete, vegan protein that is affordable and efficient compared to traditional plant and animal protein production

Global consumption needs are driving overexploitation, with the global consumption of natural resources increasing over 190% in the last 150 years. Yet, in 2017, 1 in 9 people in the world were undernourished. By 2050 the world will need to produce 70% more calories to bridge to bridge the food gap to feed 9.7 billion people. Noblegen Protein is a vertical fermentation Solution using Euglena gracilis, a microorganism, to upgrade its own biology to create an efficient closed-loop solution. Noblegen Protein can mass produce complete, non-animal, affordable protein by leveraging locally sourced starch inputs such as corn and cassava. The ability to produce protein from starch has the potential to transform regions of the world that are typically undernourished while simultaneously addressing major global challenges such as deforestation caused by industrial agriculture and the overuse of water, land, and energy.

Key features

  • 88% Less water usage than egg protein per ton of protein produced
  • 28.6 kg CO2e lower than the weighted average of animal-based proteins (per kg of protein)
  • Same protein content and characteristics as traditional animal protein without the cost requirements of livestock feed, livestock, land, transportation and meat processing facilities.
  • 12% of the land required by competing protein sources
  • Each $1 million of equity investment is estimated to save 88,043 tonnes of COe2 when Noblegen Beta-Glucan replaces Caseinate
  • For each $1 million of equity investment in a Noblegen manufacturing facility, 184,796 tonnes of CO2e are avoided when replacing whey protein and 18,739 tonnes of CO2e are avoided when replacing whole egg powder


  • Expected to be profitable in Q4 2020

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