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Gallery Map A Tree 1
Gallery Map A Tree 1
September 2020
Headquarters 9000 Gent, België

Map A Tree - An application empowering people to make a green impact in their communities by planting trees from their phone.

Around the world people want to live in greener neighbourhoods and want better air quality. Besides people wanting to have a say in what happens in their community, many cities have heat problems during the summer days.

This can be solved by efficiently collecting data of empty places in cities where trees can be planted. For local governments this information is much needed but very hard and time consuming to collect. By making locals point out the places where trees can be planted (or where other green infrastructure can be built) they can do it more efficiently for a fraction of the costs. This is very positive and gives the local a chance to influence their neighbourhood to the way they want to see it. Local governments are not aware of how much empty space there is around the city or next to roads. By pointing out these places and planting trees where they can, locals and local governments can work together to combat climate change, air pollution, flooding, urban heat-island effect, grey neighbourhoods and they can improve the mental health of the inhabitants.

Key features

  • Negative carbon footprint
  • Tracking urban green work
  • Low barrier data collection tool


  • Payback time: 6 months
  • Saving: $8000 /year or about 70%

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