Magtopressors and Magtopumps

Gallery Magtopressors and Magtopumps 1
Gallery Magtopressors and Magtopumps 1
October 2021
Headquarters 1 Triq il-Birrerija, Birkirkara, Malta

Magtopressors and Magtopumps - An energy-efficient electric motor technology for compressor and pumping applications

The Solution aims at enabling billions of homes, businesses and vehicles worldwide to lower significantly the environmental footprint of their compression, pumping, heating, cooling and refrigeration needs through the use of a new, ultra-high efficiency linear compressor and pump technology. The Solution relies on a disruptive new linear electric motor technology, the first of its kind to successfully use long-distance magnetic attraction and repulsion to deliver linear power in both directions at unprecedented levels of efficiency with characteristics that are perfectly suited to pumping and compression requirements. Oil-free, smaller and lighter, the Solution is a drop-in replacement to the dominant reciprocating-piston based technology, reducing manufacturing costs with fewer parts and less complexity as well as shorter and cheaper production and assembly lines. Finally, end users of the Solution will significantly lower their operating costs while benefiting from better products.

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Key features

  • 38% faster whilst using 33% less electricity than a reciprocating-piston air compressor having comparable size and weight for the performance of the same compression task
  • No power spikes on start-up whereas reciprocating-piston compressors can have power spikes up to x5 their operating consumption on start-up
  • Demonstrated a net efficiency of over 90% and at least 30% more efficient than reciprocating-piston based technology
  • No oil lubrication required


  • 5 years payback time for production lines while servicing a loan covering their initial deployment costs and attending to the payment of their maintenance costs
  • By using the Solution for its refrigeration and air conditioning needs, a standard household would save between $91.6 (US) and $239.7 (Germany) per year

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