Li-Cycle Technology

Gallery Li-Cycle Technology 1
Gallery Li-Cycle Technology 1
October 2020
Headquarters Mississauga, ON L5J 1K5, Canada

Li-Cycle Technology - A globally preeminent lithium-ion battery resource recovery technology

Li-Cycle Technology™ is an economically viable, safe, and environmentally friendly process that can recycle up to 95% of materials in all types of lithium-ion batteries used in electronic devices, electric vehicles and energy storage.

Traditionally, when li-ion batteries have reached the end of life, they have predominantly been treated as waste and landfilled, or partially recycled through pyro-metallurgical processes, which have average recovery rates of 40%. However, these methods are inefficient and can lead to environmental contamination, safety hazards at general recycling plants and otherwise dampen the environmentally friendly vision of electrification. Li-Cycle Technology™ aims at recycling all types of lithium-ion batteries used in electronic devices, electric vehicles and energy storage. It can do so with an unparalleled recovery rate of over 95% of all materials. The company’s industry-leading processing technologies uniquely position it to be a key player in supporting the growing international movement towards zero-carbon technologies and the creation of a circular economy for lithium-ion batteries.

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Key features

  • 74% reduction in CO2 emission
  • 92% reduction in Sulphur Oxide emissions
  • 92% reduction in Nitrogen Oxide emissions
  • The technology recovers over 95% of all materials found in lithium-ion batteries
  • Currently operating with a capacity of 2,500 tonnes/year, at 5000tonnes/year in Q3 2020


  • Lower cost for recycled batteries

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