In-PRV, pressure recovery valve

Gallery In-PRV, pressure recovery valve 1
Gallery In-PRV, pressure recovery valve 1
October 2020
Headquarters Portland, OR 97209, USA

In-PRV, pressure recovery valve - A new product that produces a new source of low cost renewable energy, reduces carbon and extends the life of infrastructure

Water delivery is energy and carbon intensive. Indeed, the distribution of water requires a certain energy to pressurise and transport the water. This energy is currently used from the current electricity network, that uses grey sources of energy to generate electricity. Nowadays the pressure in pipes is controlled by valves that use a friction mechanism to manage the pressure. This is inefficient and the innovator has identified control valves that waste up to 350 kW, 3.8M lbs CO2 /Yr. per valve. The In-PRV solution produces renewable energy and accurately controls pressure in these pipes. It is a turn-key, software and sensor-based, modular solution, that installs efficiently in water pipelines and electric grid. This product has the potential to be the lowest cost-of-energy for a distributed renewable energy source at 3-5 cents/kWh.

Key features

  • Cost of energy $US0.03 per kwh - $0.05 per kwh
  • 3-4 X better return on carbon compared to small solar and wind
  • 1 In-PRV is equivalent to an acre of solar panels
  • ~553 tons of CO2e can be saved on average per year for a 125kW installation
  • For every 1-kW of In-PRV capacity installed, between 950 and 3,400 gallons of water can be saved per year.
  • Lifecycle emissions of one 125 kW In-PRV system is ~0.00059 kgCO2e per kWh generated.


  • Payback time of 4,5 Years
  • Up to 34% ROI
  • US$ 0.03-0.05/ kwh cost of electricity

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