Ice Arena Recovery & Recycling System

Gallery Ice Arena Recovery & Recycling System 1
Gallery Ice Arena Recovery & Recycling System 1
May 2020
Headquarters Lexington, KY 40508, USA

Ice Arena Recovery & Recycling System - A green water recovery unit that can easily be installed and used in any ice arena in order to clean & reuse the contaminated snow.

OWERS provides an innovative and energy-efficient technology to clean and resurface ice arenas without wasting water or using any fossil-based fuels.

Ice arenas currently use fossil-fuel based heating systems for resurfacing. In addition to wasting thousands of litres of fresh potable water and producing large amounts of GHG & CO2 emissions, this system pollutes the landfill areas and contaminates the local soil & water tables when dumping contaminated snow. All of this is being done on a daily basis in thousand of ice arenas all over the world, seven days a week. To meet this challenge, OWERS provides a green eco-friendly solution that will conveniently and seamlessly capture the ice and snow collected from an ice resurfacing machine, efficiently melt it to a liquid state and then warm the water without the use of any fossil-based fuels. OWERS' solution cleans, filters and de-bubbles the water so that it can be reused onto the same ice surface, producing a stronger and harder sheet of ice at lower cost. While saving energy, capital expenditures, labour and maintenance, this solution greatly reduces the amount of GHG emissions being released into the atmosphere.

Key features

  • Saves ~ 4,000,000 litres of fresh potable water per ice pad from being wasted
  • Saves up to 51.5t/year of CO2 emissions


  • ROI reached under 3 years
  • Electricity savings of 12% per year

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