Gallery HydroloGIS 1
Gallery HydroloGIS 1
March 2021
Headquarters Coppice Rd, Horsham RH12 4JP, Royaume-Uni

HydroloGIS - Identifying opportunities for ecosystem services in landscape systems

The Solution identifies, ranks and prioritises all potential solutions (considering woodland, agroforestry, semi-natural grassland and water retention features) to river flooding, diffuse pollution and erosion/siltation. The model outputs can also be combined to solve multiple additional problems: groundwater, pluvial and sewer flooding; drought; targeting agricultural management improvements; reverse auctions; irrigation. HydroloGIS added value is unique in the fact that its results cannot be created using standard GIS or hydrological methods because these cannot identify what type of interventions to create; they cannot prioritise or rank solutions; and they often suggest spending resources in inefficient locations. This solution exclusively uses open source or client data; control modelling by local constraints and aspirations; and integrate with standard ecosystem service modelling (such as biodiversity, carbon, pollination or recreation).

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Key features

  • Prevents underperformance of nature-based projects by up to 50% compared to other planning systems
  • Outputs are perfect for participatory design, so reduce consultation times and objections by up to 2 years
  • Works at a high 5m resolution from farm scales up to entire countries
  • Over 3000sqkm of natural interventions already identified to solve local problems
  • Nature-based Solutions can save 95% carbon emissions of hard engineered solutions to achieve same protection
  • Intelligent use of natural solutions crowds-in funding for nature, potentially unlocking $billions worldwide


  • Stops the up to 50% failure of nature-based projects for water that standard design techniques deliver
  • The projects deliver a cost-benefit ratio of 1:30, even when considering direct benefits alone
  • The £10/sqkm base price makes it highly affordable for small organisations and NGOs

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