HP2 steam generation

Gallery HP2 steam generation 1
Gallery HP2 steam generation 1
January 2021
Headquarters Laval, QC H7E 1A1, Canada

HP2 steam generation - A high performance integrated steam generator to prepare, condition and combust biomass

HP2 steam generation applies to all types of industries that require utility cogeneration power plant, including manufacturing & processing facilities, pulp & paper, chemical, and petrochemical. With the proposed system, industries can use various organic wastes to produce energy. Compared to conventional technologies with furnace, HP2 steam generation presents an optimal complete combustion (up to +99%). The HP2 burner reaches up to 92% efficiency compared to 80% for conventional fuel burners used in the boilers. As a result, it is expected to save between 30 to 40% on biomass consumption. In addition, for new installation, the CAPEX is lower due to footprint reduction. Regarding OPEX, H2P technologies may result in up to 40% less biomass consumption, 30% less ashes for disposal, 80% less downtime due to cleaning, jams or maintenance and a significant reduction in NOx/SOx and fine particles emissions.

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Key features

  • Up to 40% less biomass utilisation compared to conventional biomass combustion system
  • Around 30% less ashes for disposal compared to conventional biomass combustion system
  • Up to 80% less downtime due to cleaning, jams or maintenances compared to conventional biomass combustion system
  • Up to 90% less NOx and fine particles compared to conventional biomass combustion system
  • Almost 98% CO2 reduction compare to fossil fuel
  • 1 to 2% ash depends of raw material, pathogen & contamination free


  • 30 to 40% less raw material consumption
  • Less power consumption for conditioning the raw material - only 1/3 of dryer's consumption
  • Much reduced footprint - around 50%

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North america

United States, Canada,

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