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Gallery Grevio inc 1
June 2021
Headquarters L'Assomption, QC J5W 4Z2, Canada

Grevio inc - Contributing to the elimination of global hunger with cricket consumption

According to the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), food production will have to be doubled in order to meet the growing demand. Edible insect farming is a remarkable alternative to conventional livestock farming. It needs just a fraction of the resources traditionally required. This is why Grévio aims at spreading the idea of cricket consumption.

Crickets are not only a superfood, but they are also eco-friendly. The only "waste" it produces (insect manure) is one of the best 100% organic, natural fertilizer in the world. Cricket powder is 70% protein which is twice as much compared to beef. It also is high in calcium, iron, omega 3, and vitamin B12: it's an excellent source of dietary fiber. Finally, our farm is hydro-powered, thus using 100% renewable energy.

Key features

  • 1700g of food required for 1 kg of cricket powder vs 5000g for pork
  • 15 m2 of land required for 1 kg of cricket powder vs 45 m2 for chicken


  • the average profit for beef is about $ 0.26 per kilogram. For the cricket, it is about $ 2.25 per kilo.

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