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Gallery Green box 1
July 2020
Headquarters 9160 Lokeren, Belgium

Green box - A mobile battery system that enables customers to use the electricity grid when the grid cannot deliver the power required for their application.

Acting as a power booster, the Green Box is a perfect alternative to diesel generators and is able to produce more current with a lower number of batteries.

Due to the increasing electrification of society, the need for peak power provision increases. The grid is not always able to provide the peak power demand. Diesel generators are often used to produce this peak power. They have a bad efficiency (5%) in this operating range, use fossil fuels and pollute with CO2, Nox, Sox, noise and particulates. Moreover, they are very cumbersome in operation: regularly refuelling and rotating machines requiring maintenance. To solve this, Near grid Solutions developed a mobile battery system enabling customers to use the electricity grid and optimizes the use of diesel generators or even avoids using them completely. The Green Box is a power booster that is a perfect alternative for diesel generators. Moreover, the Green Box can also optimize the use of diesel generators when its use is unavoidable. In comparison with available battery systems, the Green Box does not use Li-ion batteries resulting in important technical and economical advantages.

Key features

  • Every Green Box saves 54 tons of C02 every year
  • The Green Box does not use rare earth materials, fossil fuels and does not pollute with CO2, Nox, Sox and particulates
  • The Green Box technology is silent
  • The Green Box uses batteries that are 97% recyclable minimizing the ecological footprint.


  • The payback time of the Green Box is 5 years on a lifetime of 10 years
  • The operating costs of the Green Box are lower by a factor of 4 compared to diesel generators

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