Green Bonds PrimeEnergy

Gallery Green Bonds PrimeEnergy 1
Gallery Green Bonds PrimeEnergy 1
December 2019
Headquarters 1205 Genève, Suisse

Green Bonds PrimeEnergy - Offers to invest directly in photovoltaic solar power projects.

Green Bonds PrimeEnergy is to give the chance to everybody to become a responsible, sustainable investor, providing yield into a safe financial product.

PrimeEnergy provides the exclusive opportunity to invest directly into photovoltaic solar projects in Switzerland and in Europe. Green Bonds PrimeEnergy assures investors to invest in a concrete projects while giving the opportunity to visit the solar plants. Green Bonds are not correlated to stock-markets. People annually get their fix coupon from 2,85% to 4,75% depending on the currency (CHF or EUR) or the duration. This financial product is available to everyone, giving the chance to individuals to make a sustainable investment, combining yield and ecology.

Key features

  • Saves 12'190 tons of CO2 per year
  • Produces electricity with solar power for over 5000 households


  • Giving back the initial invested amount at the maturity date of the bond

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