Gallery Gecko 1
Gallery Gecko 1
September 2021
Headquarters 13290 Aix-en-Provence, France

Gecko - Active wastewater heat recovery system for individual showers to save energy, water and money

Currently, a lot of energy is wasted in the form of hot water. In fact, each shower only uses 15% of the calories contained in the hot water. When the water is ejected to the sewers, its average temperature is about 33°C for a standard shower at 38°C. This energy could be used to preheat the fresh clear water and reduce the energy needed. Moreover, the time waiting for hot water after the tap opening waste a lot of water. At each shower, 9 litres are lost during this phase. Gecko reuse 88% of the calories contains in the wastewater and provide hot water 3 seconds after the tap opening. By reducing the energy needed to warm the fresh clear water and reducing the waiting time for hot water, Gecko has a positive global impact.

Key features

  • Due to specific thermal exchanger design Gecko has 88 % of thermal efficiency
  • Hot water available 3 seconds after the tap opening
  • 75% reduction of electrical consumption in every shower
  • 9L of hot water saved at each beginning of a shower


  • Less than 4 years payback time
  • 1 m² saved in each bathrooms compared to standard water boiler

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