G3 Bioglass

Gallery G3 Bioglass 1
Gallery G3 Bioglass 1
May 2021
Headquarters 33669 Oviedo, Asturias, Spain

G3 Bioglass - A new generation of biodegradable, efficient, metal-free, non-ion-relating coating and filler for medical devices

The G3® patented antimicrobial inorganic bioglass is metal and phosphorus-free and consists of a SiO2-Al2O3-Na2O-B2O3-CaO composition that has demonstrated to be very effective against Gram+, Gram-, fungi and corresponding biofilms in both relevant environments and clinical tests. It is easily and economically produced, contains no nanoparticles, and doesn't generate antimicrobial resistance due to its action principle, based on membrane depolarization instead of metal ion membrane adhesion or penetration. It does not leach metal ions or particles, and degrades as any other glass, with a useful life measured in years vs. short lived metal based solutions. It can be integrated in bulk or as additive in fibres, paints, polymers, plastics, cements and ceramics, used directly as coating on various surfaces. It is 100% biocompatible and as a coating can be used on medical devices, or as an additive in bone-grafting solutions. Upon degradation, it is even good for soils due to mineral content.

Key features

  • Metal-free, biodegradable. Waste has no environmental impact nor ends up as heavy metal in soils, tissues, etc
  • No need for scarce, expensive and non-renewable, aggressively-exploited metallic mineral resources
  • Totally biocompatible with no cytotoxicity
  • 200 times lower GHG emissions during production for the same amount of antimicrobial active principle


  • 10 times cheaper production process vs. metal based antimicrobials
  • Duration of the antimicrobial effect measured in years, compared to days or months at the most in standard solutions
  • 20+ times cheaper raw material vs. the most widely adopted silver-based, high concentration antimicrobials on the market

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