Fluidic Air Lubrication (MPS FAL)

Gallery Fluidic Air Lubrication (MPS FAL) 1
Gallery Fluidic Air Lubrication (MPS FAL) 1
July 2020
Headquarters 3029 AM Rotterdam, Netherlands

Fluidic Air Lubrication (MPS FAL) - Global fluidic air lubrication technology for green shipping

Fluidic Air Lubrication (FAL) is an advanced fluidic air lubrication technology 
that reduces fuel consumption, emissions, and fouling,
 enabling shipowners to reduce operating costs by up to 20% 
and contribute to a better environment.

Shipowners, faced with market and fuel price volatility and increasing regulatory pressure, now have a financially viable turnkey solution for the existing fleet that is future-proof with rapid payout. Introduced in March 2020, the MPS FAL is the most advanced and most efficient technology for fluidic air lubrication in the market. It delivers the highest potential savings and reduction of emissions, controlled by artificial intelligence. Ships will glide almost frictionless through the water on a layer of 80 millions of air bubbles. By retrofitting a fleet, users can immediately start saving fuel costs, lower their emissions and reduce fouling.

Key features

  • MPS FAL has a direct impact on reducing the emissions from a ship, existing or new built, as it addresses the root cause of fuel consumption, the friction of the ship when sailing - 1 ton fuel reduced equals to 3.2 tonnes CO2-emissions saved.
  • MPS FAL has an indirect impact on transition towards Green Shipping as the principles of FAL are introduced into new ship designs.
  • Future proof, upgradeable drag reduction system for existing fleet


  • Payback period of 2-3 years
  • Up to 20% reduced fuel consumption
  • 49-58% better cost benefits business case

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