FastOx Gasification

Gallery FastOx Gasification 1
Gallery FastOx Gasification 1
June 2020
Headquarters Davis, CA 95618, USA

FastOx Gasification - An ultra-high temperature gasification process that turns any waste into renewable power or fuels without burning and with no process emissions.

FastOx® gasification technology converts virtually any waste into clean, renewable energy and fuels without burning.

This solution can eliminate the environmentally harmful practice of landfilling and incinerating of waste. The FastOx technology uses oxygen and steam to heat waste to 4,000°F (2,200°C). At this temperature, all waste breaks down at the molecular level, converting organic material into an energy-dense syngas and allowing the recovery of inorganic material as either a non-leaching stone or molten metal. The FastOx technology, which is modular and can be scaled to large size, does not produce any process emissions and all outputs are saleable. The ability to handle municipal solid waste, plastics, medical waste, e-waste, tires, and batteries makes the system extremely versatile and economically efficient to implement.

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Key features

  • Eliminates 107,570 MTCO2e/Year


  • Payback time is reached in 5 years

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North america

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